Dear Friends,


On Tuesday more voters than ever came out to vote in our mid-term elections. While we would have liked a different outcome, it was vitally important to have had such great participation from everyone. For many, it was the first time they engaged in a mid-term election. We believe that the more the public engages in our public discourse, the more they will hold our elected officials accountable.


Today we have a new Senator-elect, Alex Bergstein. Wednesday morning I called to congratulate her on a spirited campaign and for being a tough competitor. I hope that she brings that same determination to Hartford to represent those of us in her district and to fix our state’s fiscal problems.


We are so grateful for your faith, trust and support. Your hard work inspired us every step of the way and means more to us than you know. This year’s outcome will not change our commitment to the state or the mission in which we believe. We will continue to work, as we always have, to help those in need and to help lift up our state and our towns. We are so proud to call this our home, one that we love and cherish.


Please join Icy and me in wishing Alex and her family the very best as they embark on this new endeavor.


All the best,